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The Beautiful Trouble Publishing Manifesto:

Beautiful Trouble Publishing is not simply a business.  It is the passion of its visionaries Jeanie and Jayha.  It is also the result of copious blessings, backbreaking work, diligence, and sacrifices of both ourselves and those who believed in and supported our vision even before it was fully formed.  We didn’t create Beautiful Trouble Publishing to be like other companies; we created Beautiful Trouble Publishing to be its own company…to not only play by our own rules but to write rules that others want to adopt. 

Our goal for Beautiful Trouble Publishing is to create a place where the imagination is held sacred and where the people who take a chance on us (from the authors, proofreaders, cover artists, formatters, eBook convertors, hype crew, to the readers) are honored for their skills and faith in us, rather than simply looked upon as employees or customers who effect our bottom line.  To adopt an Asante proverb: Beautiful Trouble Publishing is because we are.

While we are not perfect, we strive to mold Beautiful Trouble Publishing into a place that embodies our hopes.  Our hopes are reflected in our motto: Lose your inhibitions.  Grab your imagination.  Join us on the adventure.  And they are evident in our mission statement:

The mission of Beautiful Trouble is to:

  1. provide books that are worth the readers’ investment of time and money;
  2. publish stories that remain true to the author’s vision; and,
  3. showcase stories that have some WTF, some OMG, some NFW, and some hot, steamy, lovemaking between individuals who LOVE, RESPECT and CARE for themselves and each other...and further, are unapologetic about it and wouldn't dream of having it any other way.

We have worked diligently to insure that Beautiful Trouble Publishing is an establishment that is marked by professionalism, integrity, and respect.  We will continue to work diligently to ensure that it remains that way.  That is why we are careful about who we bring in our midst.  It is also why we let individuals know upfront: If you don’t know how to act, or how to talk to people, and respect the fact that Beautiful Trouble Publishing is our spot, then this is not the place for you.  If this sounds like the kind of place you want to be a part of, you will need to answer the questions on our integrity form and sign the pledge. 

We are blessed here at Beautiful Trouble Publishing.  We are blessed to have authors who trust us with the pieces of themselves that they put on paper.  We are blessed to have editors that are interested in maintaining the author’s vision even while insuring that the story flows.  We are blessed to have proofreaders who are as vested in the story being the best it can be rather than simply wanting bragging rights and free books.  We are blessed to have formatters and eBook converters who are the Frank Lloyd Wright’s of word placement.  We are blessed to have cover artists who take the time to create cover art that tantalizes a reader into opening the book and risk jumping into the adventure.   Finally, we are blessed to have readers who trust us not to waste their time or money on stories that are bullshit. 

Thank you,


“There is no right way to do the wrong thing.”

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