Yes, we love our animals and we don’t care who knows that.  Bella-Cynderalla, Yeti-Spaghetti, their feline cousins (Wee One, Boy, Macgyver, and Pumpkin) and their canine cousins (Jayla and Valkyrie) implore us with the cute pet eyes to put down our improvised incendiary devices, sit in front of the keyboard, and tap out some bestsellers.  They don’t give a crap about our stories, but apparently they’ve become accustomed to their lifestyles, and want to maintain that.  Robert, you started this and I’m still blaming you for starting the precedent of spoiling.  BTW, how’s the weather in Heaven?  Anyhoo, Sonya, I blame you for hooking my dogs onto imported, organic pizzle.  Jeanie, I blame you for being all current with putting ice in their drinking water.  

Because we love them, ba-dah!  Books, featuring dogs similar to them as the narrator.  Yes, it’s completely silly but sometimes you need silly to help you deal with the ridiculous.  

  • FML (Kamini Cappadocia and celebrity chef Guerreier Châteauguay Janus)
  • Let It, Oh, No (vulcanologist Rally Triss and Ford Roberts)