Welcome to the Jeanie and Jayha adventure. We write a little bit of everything but primarily contemporary, interracial, multicultural, and paranormal. We have a newsletter, a blog, and all of the accoutrements that the powers-that-be advise us to have. However, we also have full time jobs and are full time students, so we treat our blogs and such like the proverbial red-headed stepchildren. Yeah, we should do better, and we will just as soon as we win the lottery. If you’re ready for a whole lot of WTF, some Ka-pow!, and a sh*t ton of NFW, get comfortable and join in on the ABCs of shenanigans.

  • Armacalypse, Inc. (the swag)
  • Beautiful Trouble Publishing (the publishing company)
  • Cake & Rampage (the birth place of shenanigans and home of JandJ’s future podcast)