Welcome to the Jeanie and Jayha adventure. We write a little bit of everything but primarily paranormal romance and contemporary romance that feature kickazz heroines, hot-to-death heroes with BDE, and a host of supporting characters that have readers demanding that they too get a story.  We have a newsletter, a blog, and all of the accoutrements that the powers-that-be advise us to have. However, we also have full-time jobs, are full-time students, and full-time dog moms, so we treat our blogs and such like they’re persona non grata.  Look at us dropping a little foreign diplomacy in our intros.  We’re nerds like that.  We know we should do better as it pertains to our social media, and we will…just as soon as we win the lottery. If you’re ready for a whole lot of WTF, some Ka-pow!, and a sh*t ton of NFW, get comfortable and join in on the ABCs of shenanigans.

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  • Beautiful Trouble Publishing (the publishing company)
  • Cake & Rampage (the birth place of shenanigans and home of JandJ’s future podcast)