Welcome to the Jeanie and Jayha Universe, created by your international dealers of superior reads.  

When your universe has an actual mad scientist who figured out time travel when she was twelve and created a private Domestic Wormhole System (DWS), International Wormhole System (INTL WS), and an Intergalactic Wormhole System (ITGC WS) whilst on a walkabout, you get to trek to cool places.   

The DWS will always bring you to the heart of the JandJ universe: Mid NFW.  It will also take you to all the spots where their stories take place including Mann Packlands, the territory of GTFO (Get The F*ck Out), Arcticus, Alaska, the home of bear shifter badassery, the headquarters of the Western Vampire Nation (WVN), and more.  The INTL WS will take you to places like the headquarters of the Eastern Vampire Nation  (EVN), the Roraima Family’s Brazil, the Magic Queendom of Galápagos Proper, Forteza-Nascosto, the exclusive Italian enclave and home base for the Dux Ducis, and Baylor and Ataraxia’s Luxembourg.

The ITGC WS will take you to the Zjxadrâzqué’an Empire: the intergalactic empire controlled by the co-Zjxadrâzqués, Zjxoch and Zoran. 

Welcome to the adventure.  And if you don’t enjoy your stay, that’s because no one asked you to come.