Think of us as your friendly (shut up, we’re friendly and anyone who says otherwise is a liar, liar pants on fire) dealers of high-grade weed…we mean read.

The Jeanie (also known as the shagalicious wordslinger) uses the article in front of her name, wears socks with flip-flops (despite the heart-wrenching pleas of the masses), has a hoodie for every season, and an eff-you for every day of the week.

Jayha (self-proclaimed literary badazz) is a pound cake snob, a connoisseur of gummy bears, shortbread, and kombucha. She has a fountain pen and flamethrower fetish, and is on a mission to become an astrophysicist, paleontologist, theologian…or Queen Mother (a la Ramonda) so she is hitting the gym, growing out her locs, and looking for a Crown Prince to adopt).

Neither The Jeanie nor Jayha will be working out their two-week notice when they come into money. There will however, be epic may-os and off-the-charts shenanigans.

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