Dropping books with fellow authors.  Sometimes it’s a simultaneous release; sometimes it’s a common theme, but it’s ALWAYS fun. 


Snap! Tackle.  Don’t Stop. by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh. 






A Very Manning Holiday by Serenity King:

Financial wizard Brice Manning needs some serious downtime. Although it was the season of cheer, Brice didn’t feel much like celebrating. The Mannings have gained a defunct company that has him and his brothers scratching their heads. As a way of escaping for a night, Brice, with the coaxing of his best friend Amari, accompanies Amari to Bonito’s for Happy Hour—a decision that may be one of the best ones Brice has made in a long time.

Charity Longhorn is coming off a relationship that was headed nowhere. Charity just wants to have a little fun and unwind with her co-workers. Little does she know, an awkward situation will send her straight into the arms of the delectable Brice Manning. Is Brice looking for a holiday fling or a one-night stand? Either way, Charity is not looking for a happy never after.


One Br-istmas by Gynger Fyer:

Traveling for your birthday is always fun. When your birthday is on Christmas, well, that can get dicey. Gayle is determined to make it to LA for her Br-istmas (birthday/Christmas). The only thing standing in her way is a freak blizzard and the ex she ghosted ten years ago.

Some loves you never forget…

The last person Jack expected to see in the airport was Gayle. Ten years ago, she vanished out of his life leaving him heartbroken. Will this chance meeting be the miracle they both need? It’s Br-istmas, anything can happen.


Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle by Jeanie and Jayha:

Introducing the Luminaria Dragon Clan from the Dragon Realm and the Lookout Clan from Lookout Mountain, Georgia.  Tanglewood Luminaria was a dragon who, unlike other dragons, had zero charm.  It was a wasted trait, along with emotions.  He didn’t need charm or emotions to create and sustain wealth.  He simply needed business acumen and patience.   Nor did he need charm to deal with Otherworldly creatures.  He simply had to prove his strength in order to have others give him a wide berth. 

This is why he kept his interactions with humans limited.  So easily offended, so easily killed.  And then he’d met Tinsel Lookout.  He was fascinated with the beautiful human the first time he’d laid eyes on her.  And the second.  And the third.  She was nothing short of a treasure and he wanted her.   There was only one issue: she didn’t know he existed and, once she did, she didn’t give a damn.   

Tinsel Lookout was happy.  She had a loving family, the best kids, a great job, and professional credibility.  If someone had asked her what she needed to make her life complete, she wouldn’t have had anything to add.  Life was going along just fine.  And then…she discovered that she really liked Tanglewood Luminaria. 

The problem was that she didn’t believe she deserved him. In fact, Tinsel didn’t believe she deserved anything because of a past that haunts her.  Two cheeky children, two badass Belgian Malinois puppies, one determined dragon, and Santa, do their best to convince her that she deserves happiness.  When that doesn’t work, Santa calls in Mrs. Claus who is nothing like the stories portray her in looks or temperament.  Tired of Tinsel’s mess, she employs the black momma voice and, well, you know what happens then.  Some act right and because it’s Christmas, a happily ever after.  



Authors coming together to pen exciting tales about awesome women.

  • Book 1: The Sugar Honey Iced Tea by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh.  Available now. 
  • Book 2: Sauncerae by Serenity King.  Available now.
  • Book 3: The Sugar Honey Iced Oui by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh (Spring 2022)



The year is yours.  What do you plan to do with it?  Available in 2022.

With Serenity King, Shara Azod, Gynger Fyer, and Jeanie and Jayha behind the pens, you can be sure that whatever they put on that list will be epic.  


LOVE & SERIES.  Available in 2022.


All one needs to be happy is LOVE and …  Authors Serenity King, Tiffany Monique, Gynger Fyer, Shara Azod and Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh will let us know what else is needed in these spicy, fun stories.  

  • LOVE & a Trouble Maker  by Serenity King
  • LOVE & the Two Week Fling by Gynger Fyer
  • LOVE & a Flamethrower by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh
  • LOVE &… by Tiffany Monique
  • LOVE &…by Shara Azod



Our offering in this series is sooooooooooooo late.  However, that shouldn’t stop you from buying it, enjoying it, and telling others about it.  Our homies the multi-talented Reana Malori and fabulous Kassanna, the genius behind the IRAE Conferences also wrote stories for the series.

  • Do. No. Charm. by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh
  • Flawless by Reana Malori
  • RED by Kassanna


SASS AND BLUEGRASS.  Available now. 



  • Book 1: One More Run by Kassanna.  Available now. 
  • Book 2: Lookout for Number DONE by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh 



  • Book 1: Touch by Shara Azod
  • Book 2: Shot Across the Boom-Chica-Wow by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh (September/October 2021)