• Veiled Passions (engineers Isoke Morehouse and Njarðar Valdason)



  • Double En-Blonder (lead geologist Epoch Udane and white tiger shifter Jarl Vidar)
  • If You must Wake the Tiger…use a Long Lick (boxing instructor and gym owner Jaden Ius and Ívarr Brynjar, white tiger shifter and owner of TresNi Resort in Lækkert, Denmark)
  • You Can Lead a Norse to Water but You Can’t Make Him Kink (originally part of the Smack It, Flip It, Rub It Down Anthology) (Alpha Siberian Tiger Shifter Dagr Brynjar and golf course architect and magnet for all things WTF, Era Udane)
  • Balls to the Y’all (Eindride Brynjar)

If You Must Wake the Tiger Use a Long LickYou Can Lead a Norse to Water But You Cant Make Him Kink