• The Wild, Wild Mess: Atlanta (Atlanta Jackson, sports maniac and co-owner of Evil Twins bar and grill, and Steele Magnussen, berserker and businessman)
  • The Wild, Wild Anybody’s Guess: Aloha! (Aloha Carrington, video game champion, all-around nerd, and co-owner of Evil Twins, and Ianikut Maksim Aleksandrovich, vampire in the EVN)
  • The Wild, Wild Nothing Less: Victorious (country singer and lacrosse player, Iain Banks and Victorious Jefferson, attorney and member of the black elite)
  • The Wild, Wild…with Every Single Breath: ZURI (The diva of the Posse and real estate attorney, Zuri R. Summers and grizzly-polar shifter and engineer, Hannes Sighelm)
  • The Wild, Wild Be My Guest: Tron (welder Tron Ballinger and grizzly-polar shifter and structural engineer, Mathis Sighelm)

COMING 2022:

  • The Wild, Wild To the MF’ing Death: Xiloxoch
  • The Wild, Wild as His Lady Requests: Silana
  • The Wild, Wild Absolute Conquest: Indy