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We write the kind of stories we want to read. Our heroines have moxie, and our heroes appreciate that. When you sit down with a BTP read, be prepared for a literary adventure. There’s no telling where we’ll take you (a fictional territory on the outskirts of Atlanta, a parallel universe that exists just below it, a Queendom in the North Pacific, or the South Beach of Outer Space). There’s no telling who (or what) you’ll meet when you arrive (shifters, dragons, vampires, berserkers, or wily southerners). We simply hope you have as much fun as we do when you get there. After all, every story featured here is a story we enjoyed reading.

So would you want your surgeon to “pants it?”  How about your electrician, attorney, or pilot.  Probably not. However, when you create, you can “pants it” to some extent.  Despite the number of writers who proudly claim the title of “pantsers”, writing involves a lot of hard work (plotting).  The Jeanie and Jayha refer would-be writers to the following video “So You Want to Write a Novel” by David Kazzie.  

Video created in 2010 by David Kazzie.

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Submissions are currently closed until both Jeanie and Jayha finish school or comes into “spare time” and a sh*t-ton of patience.  However, once we re-open, if you are considering submitting to BTP, watch the video clip…and then watch it ten more times.

We care that readers invest their time and money in our books, which is why we have an intensive editing process. It is imperative for authors to have a basic understanding of grammar. Authors should be able to diagram a sentence, identify run-on sentences, fragments, and parts of speech. Our editors are known as “grammar mercenaries” for a good reason.

  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions, previously published submissions, hot mess, stories you plagiarized, or stories you “pants-ed.”
  • We appreciate creativity. However, there are some things we will not accept. These include:
    • rape or rape fantasies
    • sexual contact between characters who are under eighteen regardless of where the story takes place. We know there are places that allow sexual contact between individuals who are younger, and while we don’t set the laws there, we do set the laws here.  At BTP, the characters need to be 18, and NB: 17.9999 is still underage). Period. End of story.
    • incest, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, or extreme sexual perversions
    • gratuitous sex
    • scat, golden showers, or any acts of that ilk.
    • stories that involve degradation, humiliation, or extreme pain
    • stories that glorify violence, racism, misogyny/misandry, or any manner of douche-baggery


Customer Service:
Beautiful Trouble Publishing features Works which may contain adult language and sexually explicit scenes including BDSM, ménage, and same-sex couplings. These books are intended only for adults, as it is defined by the laws of the country in which the purchase is made. These titles out of the hands of under-aged readers.

Privacy Policy:
Beautiful Trouble Publishing, LLC has implemented this Privacy Policy as part of our commitment to protecting your personal information from misuse while using the Beautiful Trouble Publishing Web site. Beautiful Trouble Publishing does not share e-mail addresses or personal information with any outside or third-party companies. The information we collect through the ordering process is for verification only and is kept strictly confidential.

Terms & Conditions:
Like the authors of traditional print books, the authors of e-books enjoy the same intellectual property rights. Unlike traditional print books, however, e-books are NOT transferrable. It is illegal to re-sell, share or trade e-books without expressed consent from the publisher.

Web copyright. In accordance with the copyright laws of the United States of America, all content of beautifultroublepublishing.com is the property of Beautiful Trouble Publishing, LLC, and cannot be used without permission. For permission to use our content (blurbs, graphics, images), please contact us.
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