We actually have social media.  Yeah, we’re surprised too…in the same way the Finding Bigfoot team is surprised when the Bigfoot they’re hunting gets away.  Jayha loves that show, so shut up. 


For inquiries regarding making us rich (film and television options and other avenues that would seriously increase our cool factor), direct your query directly to the JandJ using the contact form and include all pertinent data (e.g. how big the jet or yacht is that we’ll be able to buy afterwards).


We really, truly, honestly like hearing from our readers, but we really, truly, honestly hate fuggary.  We respond to readers, but again, we also have jobs, drag our carcasses to school, and every now and then try to make our homes look presentable so no one tries to put us on an episode of Hoarders.  Therefore, we’ll respond when we can.  When we come into money, we’ll hire a staff and they’ll respond straight away, but until then…um, yeah.  You know how we do.

Anyhoo, if you contact us, don’t be a douche.  That should be self-explanatory, but yeah, someone will commit a Class A Douchebaggery offense and then be all krunk because we deleted that ish and went on about our lives.  Then you’ll gripe about us on social media and get your friends to hate on us.  And guess what, The Jeanie still won’t give a **** and Jayha will, but then she’ll down her sorrows by smashing a bag of gummy bears and then forget all about you.  NB: If The Jeanie wrote this bit, after the warning of not being a douche, she would have ended the paragraph with her favorite two words: f*** off, but Jayha wrote this, and she’s the kinder, gentler version of use their skull for a hood ornament.

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You can contact us via:

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Or you can contact The Jeanie and Jayha via this website…since you’re already here and all.