Meet the Feast and Furious Family:

  • The wily Grandmom and Grandpa Furious  
  • The equally wily Grandmom and Grandpa Feast  
  • Horizon Furious Feast and her husband Magellan Feast, who are often described as the Marilyn Munster®  of the wily Feast and Furious family in temperament, not looks because all the Feasts and Furious’ are some kind of good to look at. NB: See copyright and trademark information at the bottom of the page.
  • The Feast Sisters: Aurora (the provost/attorney), Australis (the hacker), Corona-Borealis (the forensic accountant), and Solar (the short seller).   
  • The golden retrievers:
    • Smith, who belongs to Grandmom and Grandpa Furious
    • Wesson, who belongs to Grandmom and Grandpa Furious 

The Feast family doesn’t celebrate “normal” holidays.  Instead, the family kicked off a holiday realignment that ended with new holidays and new times to celebrate the holidays they decided to keep.  Their get together usually had at least two peeps you never wanted to see again and food that might turn you into some kind of -tarian, be it vegetarian, meat-atarian, or dessert-atarian.  And there was mayhem.  Sweet tea.  Hooch.  And possibly flamethrowers, because this is the Feast family and they are equally ready for fun and for some insurgents to drop by.  

Feast Family observations:

  • Affirmation of Everyone’s Awesomeness Day (January 01)
  • Winter shenanigans adventure (February)
  • Kill Them with Courtesy Day (first week in March)
  • Spring shenanigans adventure (April)
  • The Mothers of the Movements Day (May)
  • The Fathers of the Movements Day (June)
  • Juneteenth (June)
  • Our Favorite Historical Badasses Day (July)
  • Summer shenanigans adventure (August)
  • Real Christmas Day (mid-September)
  • GHOE (all week long) (October)
  • Autumn shenanigans adventure (first week of November)
  • Eff You, We’ll Take Our Freedom Day (November)
  • Thanks-DIBS-ing (December 26)
  • High Feast Day


  • This Feast’s a-Slayin’ (Solar Feast and Azur Dragonera)
  • Thanks-DIBS-ing  (Corona Borealis Feast and Lothar and Gumarich Brynjar)
  • Jingle All the YAY (Australis Feast and Medano Silverton)
  • Enough Sense to Come In Out of the Reign (Aurora Feast and Rashidi Bomani-Peraa)


NB: We don’t own The Munsters.  The Munsters are copyrighted and trademarked American sitcom created by Allan Burns and Chris Hayward that depicted the home life of a family of friendly monsters.  Developed by Norm Liebmann and Ed Haas, the sitcom was produced by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher for Kayro-Vue Productions and Universal Television and distributed by NBCUniversal Television. Marilyn was the beautiful human-looking niece who was considered the ugly duckling of the family.