Our military families are just as lit as the Otherworldly clans, the Kennesaws, and anyone hailing form Mid-NFW.  Those sexy cajun-accented Acadian boys represent the Navy and the bayou well.  The Lorccs represent both the army (Major General Vienna Brookings Lorcc) and the Navy (Rear Admiral Asim Lorcc.  The daughter, Desron…well, she is one of the reasons the nation needs both the Army and the Navy.

  • Hadoken (arrogant, domineering, control freak, Aris Acadian, a retired seal and a battalion chief of the city they’d just been banned from and Sarita Scottsdale, a private security expert who was the type of dangerous that made even dangerous people cringe)
  • Irish Coffee (retired seal and consultant, Côme “I.R.I.S.H.” Acadian and production designer, Alchemy Coffee)
  • Spring Ache (graduate student Desron Lorcc and Special ops badazz Ras “Priest” Vytautas)
  • Zero. Darque. Dirty. anthology: (Treasure hunter Kahina Triss and retired special ops and pilot, Benigno Acadian AND navy royalty Socom Lorcc and ‘math professor’ Eudocia Província Dorchester)