Atomica Nassau is not letting the fact that she only has fifteen followers stop her from claiming her role as an influencer. She, like her followers are certified weirdoes. Her detractors claim that she needs to trade in her ever-present tricorne (cocked) hat for a top hat as most people regard her followers as ‘carnival people’ and consider her their ringleader. Undeterred by the rest of the world, her followers embrace their status as certified weirdos. In a nod to their musical hero, they refer to themselves as the Kick Azz Parliament of Weirdos (Ka-Pow!). Yes, there are t-shirts and other assorted swag.

They’ve decided that after years of chatting online, they should meet face-to-face. And because there’s no such thing as regular f*ckary in their world, they had to amp up the f*ckary and turn it into a scavenger hunt…that involved finding things including: a gallon of freshly-brewed iced tea…from the South; an actual tumbleweed with a minimum diameter of 1.5 feet; a cast of a potential Big Foot’s footprint; an antique cast iron clothes iron from a thrift store or from an actual old azz lady; and other assorted ridiculousness including a vampire, because yeah, one of the chicks is from Transylvania…county, North Carolina. 

Everyone is here for it. The universe is not prepared, but their end point is Atlanta and if any city is ready for f*ckary of unprecedented proportions, it’s Atlanta.  And if there are shenanigans of epic proportions to be experienced, the residents of Mid-NFW will be in the mix.