The individuals listed below absolutely slay at what they do.  Take a moment and make a list of adjectives that are usually reserved for individuals who have a bunch of accolades: boss, delicious, fabulous, magical.  They cover art/edit/format/inspire/massage/proofread the house down, which makes our creations sickening, all caps.   The Jeanie and Jayha are feeling the fantasy.  

Sure, we may have used all manner of tactics to “convince” them to help us.  Loosely translated, that means we hounded them until they finally gave in.  And now they have a seat at the head table at any JandJ shindig.  Without further ado, let us introduce you.  


  • Jim and Zetta: formatting rock star duo that consists of Jim, our favorite Scotsman who taught us about the sport of curling and who keeps promising to rock a kilt for us, and Zetta, proud Texan and editor who embraces the oxford comma.   
    • Website:
    • Email for Jim (all things publishing): 
    • Email for Zetta (editing): 
  • Julienne: our traveling massage therapist who supplies us with daily doses of inspiration, spoils all of the puppies, and has saved each of us at one time or another with the infamous “momma arm,” which is better than any restraining system anywhere.
  • Marteeka: our East-Coast cover artist, second-favorite hillbilly who, in between adjusting her list of favorite astrophysicists, threatens to walk down from Kentucky and actually merc us. 
    • Website:
  • Novellette: our proofreader and favorite Canadian who reminds us that the only maple syrup worth consuming comes from Canada, which is why she brings her own maple syrup and butter when she travels.  
  • Renee: our West-coast cover artist who has now officially known us long enough to threaten to walk across the continental US to merc us.  
    • Social media:
  • Samwise: our webmaster and a true gentleman who took mercy on us and helped us get our website back online and looking fabulous.
  • Sonya: our acquisitions editor, editor-in-chief, ride-or-die sister, and prolific scrapbooker who will delete your text if you list things and fail to utilize the oxford comma.  She’s bougie like that.
  • The all-out gangsta street team posse who are true bibliophiles and badazzes: 
    • Angie W.
    • Cherryce W.
    • Nikki T.
    • Tesh D.
    • Tiffany D.