• Deep in the Smart of Texas (Texas Ranger Brix Carmel and special agent with the Vytautas Directive, Jarek Ius)  
  • Love is the Honey (CFO and lecturer Dragoste Vytautas and construction foreman Asali Acies)
  • Ride or Why Chick (originally part of the Ride It Like You Stole It Anthology) (Treasure Hunter and luxury coach captain, Rada Constantine and Ažoulas “The End” Vytautas, of the Vytautas Directive)
  • Spring Ache (originally part of the TAG! You’re Writ Anthology)  (Graduate student Desron Lorcc and Special ops badazz Ras “Priest” Vytautas)
  • Happy Jacquesing Day (rare books librarian, art historian, and TVD spec ops badass, Gintaras Vytautas)