When you have a resident mad scientist who has created an Intergalactic Wormhole System, walkabouts anywhere in the observable universe is a thing.  

The Zjxadrâzqué’an Empire consists of one-third of observable space.  Ruled by the House of Zjxadrâzqué (H.Z.) and supported by a wily cast of beings who populate JandJ books.

  • Zjxadrâzqué Zjxoch: A tactician without equal who uses his sword as proof of his lineage and his diplomacy as his right to keep it.  Responsible for realigning the HZ and the addition of new members.  Assumes all diplomatic duties.  Expanded the Empire to thrice its size and brought peace to the regions.   Holds a DW, with several specialties.  Mate of the human Xiloxoch Rangers-Decebel.  Father of Reign and Zuri.
  • Zjxadrâzqué Zoran: Architect of Tearing Sh*t a New A**hole.  He has entrusted all of his territories and diplomatic duties to his brother and assumed command of all military duties, leaving his brother to assume all diplomatic duties.  He serves as an entire army by himself.  Served as the only Zjxadrâzqué during Zjxadrâzqué Zjxoch’s decade-long recovery.  Holds a DW, has his own specialty: f*cking shit up.
  • Brava Family: Powerful, warrior family within the Zjxadrâzqué’an Empire, led by The Brava, undisputed head of the Brava Dynasty and the most powerful individual in the lineage.   All progeny hold DW degrees and eschew political titles in favor of pursuing the arts of warring.   Few female children are born into the family and thus female Brava are highly valued, fiercely protected, yet extremely dangerous. 
  • Nyx and Ferro Luxetveritas: Bada*sed mated warrior couple who serve as Under Zjxadrâzqués to the Empire.  Responsible for strategy, they are also instructors at the Academy.  Gentle with those they love, but renowned for their beautiful ferocity in battle. Both have earned their DW: Intelligence.  Specialties include: espionage, cryptography, and being masters at intergalactic hide and seek.  Invited into the HZ.  Also known as the Cakes to the residents of Mid-NFW.   
  • Nebojsa Family:  Family of unknown origins and their daring in battle.  The wily veterans of warrioring.  Gifted Zjxadrâzqué’an citizenship for the patriarch’s courage in battle. 
  • Raimo Marik:  Origin unknown.  Sentinel of the Zjxadrâzqué’an Empire.  Expert in multiple warrioring techniques. A specialist in every type of beating ass there is.   A master warrior who retired once Zjxadrâzqué Zlogonje retired.  Pulled from his isolation to become personal trainer to the Twin Zjxadrâzqué, who drafted him into the HZ and handed the duty of Sentinel. Tried to abdicate on several occasions, however the Zjxadrâzqué simply ignored that request and gave him more ish to do.