• Bat Shit Crazy (Bia Biscayne, the judge better known as Judge That Effing B*tch and Vasily Gu∂brander, a being who could be summed up in five words: As*holish Som’B*tch of MotherF*ckerish Proportions who was half berserker, half Russian, and a hundred percent WTF)
  • NO F*CKING WAY (Ethics/Philosophy professor Zest Biscayne and berserker and geotechnical engineer, Vígi Magnussen) 
  • WTF (bass-fishing champion Lure Slayer and berserker Njord Magnussen)
  • Book, Dine & Ring Her (archivist, document examiner, handwriting analysis expert…and full-blown nerd Hagia-Sophia Tate and Tulok Gu∂brander)