The amazing authors who were part of the Cross Roads anthology did it, y’all.  We listed on the USA Today Bestsellers list.  Insert celebratory booty dance here.

When you see the authors out and about, give them some dap.  And to the haters out there, put some “re-speck” on their names if you’re going to have them in your mouth.
  • Afton Locke
  • Aliyah Burke
  • Angela Kay Austin
  • Ancelli
  • Dahlia Rose
  • Eve Vaughn (who is already a NYT Bestselling author, so a side of extra respect)
  • Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh
  • Kassanna
  • Latrivia Welch
  • Laverne Thompson
  • Naleighna Kai
  • Olivia Gaines
  • Phoenix Daniels
  • Reana Malori
  • Sage Young
  • Savannah J. Frierson
  • Shara Azod
  • S.k. Lessly
  • V. Vee
  • Ursula Sinclair
Put Some “Re-speck” on Our Names!

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